Coming from a very strong R&D background especially in new technology development working in
Aerospace, Marine and Material Research and working on projects such as the Reusable Launch
Vehicle for NASA, and with the US National Science Foundation (NSF). Graduated with M.Sc in
Mechanical Engineering from the University of Mississippi State and went and worked as a
Project/Process engineer for Imation Corporation (now named Glassbridge Enterprises, a spin off
from 3M) for 3 years in the US.

In 2004 moved back to Malaysia to take a Team Leader position at Intel, Penang. During this time
realised his passion for renewables energy systems that included Solar Photovoltaic, Hydro
Turbines, and Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioning solutions, becoming one of the most experienced
renewable energy solution developers in Malaysia with over 12years of experience in the market.

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