eLeaps is an engineering service provider that advocates solutions promoting Energy Conservation (EC) and Renewable Energies (RE).
eLeaps Sdn. Bhd (732548-H) started off as an engineering design consultancy firm specializing in product design, development and continuous improvements. The company is led by experienced professionals with vast experiences in mechanical engineering, mechanism design, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and new technology development project management. We are committed to adopt best practices in delivering high quality products and services.
Many facilities in this country were designed to function with the most fundamental equipments, just essential to ensure that buildings are habitable. Equipments (e.g. chillers, water heaters, lighting etc.) commonly specified by designers, consultants or contractors are typically very established in terms of technology maturity BUT at the same instance, not energy-conscious nor environmentally-friendly!


Coming from a very strong R&D background especially in new technology development working inAerospace, Marine and Material Research and working on projects such as the Reusable LaunchVehicle for NASA, and with the US National Science Foundation (NSF). Graduated with M.Sc inMechanical Engineering from the University of Mississippi State and went and worked as aProject/Process engineer…

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With a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University Science of Malaysia (USM) and over15 years of work experience in companies such as Intel, Asia Semiconductor Electronic, eLeapsSolar has refined his project coordination, technical sales, marketing, and business developmentexpertise. A dedicated professional that is focused on helping the commercial customers arrive atthe best possible, most…

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Business Development, Sales and Marketing Associate

Vice President of MPIA from 2019 to 2021 (Malaysian Photovoltaic Industry Association) Portfolio Publications

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