Harvesting the Sun's Renewable Energy

We provide you with the necessary know-how for your solar power unit – from the initial planning and expert consulting to the complete installation, including all the necessary parts. Which solution you finally decide on will depend on a variety of factors and not least on your individual wishes. Find out more about our efficient solar power units. Move with us towards sunnier times and set the signal for a clean future.

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4) Solar PV Performance Monitoring Systems

5) Solar PV Mounting Systems

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3 good reasons for using solar energy

1) Environmental protection

A modern solar power unit will supply clean energy for several decades – entirely without emissions or environmental risks. On the contrary, through the utilization of solar energy, you actively help to reduce the emission of the greenhouse gas CO2 , and thus make an important contribution to climate protection. Even the technology used to make the solar units complies with the very highest environmental standards and the materials are readily recyclable.

2) Cutting costs

Not only is solar energy available in unlimited quantities, it is also – in contrast to coal, oil and gas – completely free, like the air we breathe. In addition, we do not have to reckon with any supply shortages from the sun. A comparable guarantee exists nowhere else. Investments in solar energy generally pay for themselves within a few years. Apart from that, there are numerous subsidies and grants available that make solar power well worthwhile for you. Nor should it be forgotten that solar units have attained a high level of technical maturity, have a long service life and help to increase the value of a house.

3) Personal responsibility

Fossil raw materials are precious and in short supply. Solar power conserves fossil energy sources and saves valuable crude oil and coal for subsequent generations. Every solar power unit lets us feel, first hand, how valuable energy is and how carefully we should use it. Anyone who obtains electricity or heat from the roof of his or her house acquires a new personal awareness for power consumption, treats energy much more carefully and also sets a signal in the immediate neighbourhood.


Our Key Competencies

1) Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Systems

– Retrofit Installation on EXISTING residential, commercial or industrial facility rooftops
– Design and Installation of PV Systems for NEW buildings
– Design and Installation of large scale ground-mounted PV Systems (SOLAR FARM)
– Options of Grid-Connected or Off-Grid Solar PV Systems


2) Solar Inverters and Performance Monitoring Systems

– Matured inverter manufacturing know-how for more than 70 years from KACO (German based).
– Standard warranty of up to 7 years (for most models) with warranty extension options of up to 25 years.
– Fast response time in the event of faults; 1-to-1 device replacement as fast as 48hrs within Malaysia.
– Professional performance monitoring system over the web to continuously monitor output from the convenience of mobile internet devices.


3) Solar PV Mounting Systems

– Design Center in Germany
– Manufacturing in Penang, Selangor and Johor
– Technology based on heat treated Aluminium extrusion profiles with 20 years of warranty against corrosion
– Wide variety of selection for various mounting conditions; roof tiles, metal deck roof, flat concrete roof, bare earth etc.

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