Our Strengths

Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioning (LDAC) Specialist

– Design and Installation of LDAC systems for NEW and EXISTING buildings


Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System Service Provider

– Retrofit Installation on EXISTING residential, commercial or industrial facility rooftops
– Design and Installation of PV Systems for NEW buildings
– Design and Installation of large scale ground-mounted PV Systems (SOLAR FARMS)
– Options of Grid-Connected, Off-Grid or Off-Grid Hybrid Systems


Turnkey Micro Hydro / Wind System Service Provider

– Design and Installation of Micro Hydro / Wind systems for urban and rural territories

– Options of Grid-Connected, Off-Grid or Off-Grid Hybrid Systems


Engineering Analyses capabilities

1) Mechanical Stress / Strain analysis - To ensure part reliability and Factor of Safety (FoS)

2) Thermal Analysis - To ensure part endurance in extreme temperatures

3) Fluid Dynamics Analysis - To understand the impact of fluid flow dynamics on structures / objects.


Design capabilities

– Custom design

– Short lead time

– 3D modelling

– Software parts interface matching

– Exploration of new material

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