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Integrating LDAC into your System


LDAC removes from 45 to 135 kilograms of water per hour and seamlessly interfaces with the building’s established HVAC system to move 2,000—6,000 CFM. This commercial cooling system is simple, dependable, and affordable, allowing your facility to hit the comfort zone of cooling—and cost. Installation can be completed in a day, with limited system down-time.



Flexible Cold Water and Heat Source Options

LDAC's conditioner employs 15-26°C cold water with the desiccant. This cool water can be drawn from a variety of convenient sources:

  1. Cooling tower
  2. Ground source cooling
  3. Existing chilled water
  4. Seawater

The system then uses low-grade heat (71-82°C) to restore the used desiccant to its concentrated state.

  1. Solar thermal or solar hot air PVT array
  2. Low-grade waste heat from refrigeration or other equipment
  3. Hot water heater
  4. Biofuels
  5. Co-generation

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