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LDAC brings the benefits of liquid desiccant technology to commercial air conditioning. Using simple tools found in nature's evaporation cycle—salt, water, and heat — LDAC reduces your HVAC system's latent moisture load. By removing the water first, LDAC saves energy—and money!


Cool by nature - LDAC leverages nature's evaporation strategies to reduce the latent moisture load in the HVAC cycle. This dehumidify-first approach improves the performance of commercial air conditioning, significantly lowering energy costs while maintaining the desired temperature and humidity comfort zone.


Smart and Efficient

  1. Energy efficient, cost effective: Dry air before cooling to save up to 20% of HVAC electricity usage.
  2. Rapid ROI: Lower operating costs means quicker payback of capital investment, often in less than 2 years.
  3. Exercise environmental control: Keep your facility in the zone all day long—even in the most humid climates.
  4. Improve air quality: Stop toxic mold and mildew before it takes hold.
  5. Easy to maintain: Smooth installation and low-cost maintenance.
  6. Cut relative humidity (RH) demands: Lower RH improves refrigeration system performance.


Sonoma Cool Industry Applications

  1. Supermarkets and refrigerated warehouses
  2. Hospitals, laboratories
  3. Shopping malls, movie theaters, ice rinks
  4. Office buildings, process industries
  5. Any commercial interior where managing heat and humidity poses a challenge!

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